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“A good doctor is learning all his life," says Libor Polák

Medicine is an extremely dynamically developing field, and plastic surgery is certainly not an exception in this respect. Therefore, graduating from the Faculty of Medicine at Palack7 University in Olomouc was for MUDr. Libor Polák only with the beginning of lifelong education, which is necessary for good medicine practice. Only after ten years of working in several leading medical facilities and dozens of professional seminars, trainings and workshops has he founded his own clinic.

Besides the skills of an experienced surgeon, it offers clients, above all, a background of modern, discreet and highly individualised care guaranteed by one doctor. This will provide you with the continuity of treatment, a better understanding of your case, and a much more intimate relationship with your doctor than larger sites. And it is very important in a sensitive area like aesthetic surgery.

When I do something, I do it for a long time and conscientiously.

 MUDr. Libor Polák
MUDr. Libor Polák

WITH MUDr. Polák on more than just POLMEDICANA 

Dr Polák, how did you get to aesthetic surgery?

It certainly was not my childhood dream, I got to medicine gradually. I even first wanted to work in eye medicine. But as I was going through a lot of departments, I began to like plastic surgery. And when I walked that way, I stayed there. In addition, eye surgery, although of a different kind, is now one of my most frequently performed operations.

What treatments are still popular at your clinic?

As we have already said, one of the most common operations is blepharoplasty. It is a fast, cheap and very effective procedure. And of course breast augmentation. Beautiful breasts are an immortal topic for women. And I personally like rhinoplasty. Nose surgery is a process where the effort actually bears the fruit. In addition, not many surgeons not like this operation in the Czech Republic. On the contrary, I have already completed several training sessions and workshops, primarily abroad, where we dealt with the issues in depth and I myself, and above all my clients, can now be really satisfied with the results of the operations.

You have experience from many foreign locations where you have been educated. How does the area of plastic surgery differ in our country?

The difference is primarily in the approach of doctors. It is certainly not common for an international doctor to graduate from a faculty, then to stay in the hospital and let their knowledge stagnate. International doctors devote considerable money and time to education. Colleagues from the Czech Republic do not show much interest in this, and this must logically be reflected in the level of the operations carried out. But of course it is about individuals.

And do you see the difference in Czech and foreign clients?

Patients are definitely different. This is due to the different health system, but also to the general style of thinking. Unfortunately, clients in the Czech Republic have exaggerated expectations. They are not used to paying, and when they have to, they expect 150% results for their money. It is therefore extremely important to precisely explain the course and outcome we want and we can achieve before the operation. In order not to build air castles and not to fixate on the maximally perfect result. Every person is different and therefore the course and result of treatment may vary. Important factors include healing, the access to postoperative care of the patient, and the like.

And why should people choose your clinic?

The main advantage of Polmedicana is that I am the only physician here. That's why I can get to know my clients better, consult everything thoroughly, and then do the surgery and perform postoperative dressing changes, follow-up, and so on. In larger establishments, it is a common practice that one doctor examines the patient and indicates the procedure, another doctor does the surgery, another one performs the check-ups, and there is a lack of continuity of overall care. Polmedicana offers a much more intimate background and, thanks to modern equipment and friendly staff, it creates a pleasant environment beloved by our clients who often recommend us to their friends. A great benefit of my workplace is the presence of the doctor 24 hours a day.

Having your own clinic, where you are the only physician, must be a heavy load both mentally and physically. How do you work under such a strain?

My advantage is that when I get into something, I do it systematically and for a long time. This allows me to work on larger projects, as POLMEDICANA undoubtedly is. I have a similar approach to my free relaxation time. I have a few hobbies that I really care about. I spend the winter with cross-country skiing and spend the rest of the year with my bike and gym, which is a great mix for regeneration and fitness.

Professional Curriculum Vitae

  • 1990 – Faculty of Medicine, UP Olomouc – graduation
  • 1990-1994 – Department of Surgery at Frýdek-Místek Hospital
  • 1994 – Certification in surgery
  • 1994-1996 – Department of Plastic Surgery of Ostrava-Poruba University Hospital
  • 1997 – Burns and Reconstructive Surgery Department of Brno-Bohunice University Hospital
  • 1997-1999 – Department of Plastic Surgery of Praha-Bulovka University Hospital
  • 1999 – Certification in plastic surgery
  • 2000-2002 – Head of the Department of Plastic Surgery at Třinec Hospital 
  • 2000-present – private practice in aesthetic surgery,
  • 2012 – owner and head of the clinic of aesthetic surgery of Polmedicana in Ostrava

Fellowships and congresses

  • 1994-1999 – 15 months fellowship – Department of Plastic Surgery, University Hospital Vinohrady and University Hospital Brno
  • 2007 – fellowship – Department of prof. Fischer in Rome – nose surgery
  • 2010 – fellowship – Lisborg Klinik in Klagenfurt – face lifting, eyelid surgery
  • 2011 – fellowship – Lisborg Klinik in Klagenfurt – fat transfer
  • 2011 – Congress of Vienna – rhinoplasty, breast, fat transfer
  • 2012 – Congress – Munich – rhinoplasty and breast surgery
  • 2012 – fellowship – Villa Bella Clinic – Salo – prof. Botti – breast
  • 2012 – fellowship – Lisborg Klinik in Klagenfurt – fat transfer and breast surgery
  • 2015 – week-long training and workshop in Istanbul – open rhinoplasty – Nazim Cerkes
  • 2016 – two-day training and workshop in Stuttgart – rhinoplasty – Wolfgang Gubisch
  • 2017 – two-day training and workshop – Bucharest – breast surgery and rhinoplasty – Constantin Stan

And why is POLMEDICANA the best choice?

  • A small clinic will ensure maximum privacy and an individual approach to all patients.
  • In the Czech Republic, the cost of surgeries is relatively low compared to other countries, and POLIMEDICANA fully respects this fact.
  • We are located in Ostrava and are greatly accessible, including parking and accommodation in the immediate vicinity.
  • The clinic has first class equipment for both patients and the surgeon, so you can feel safe and well here.
  • The main advantage is that you will always be in the hands of a single doctor who will know you well and lead the treatment from the initial appointment to the definitive healing. This ensures the continuity and accuracy of treatment.

Certificates and diplomas


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