Plastic operation of the abdomen (Abdominoplasty)

Abdominoplasty provides good visual results, but for the price of scars and necessary reduction of excessive skin. These scars fade away with time, but they always persist and their aesthetic quality is individual. In plastic surgery, we divide the surgeries of the abdomen to two groups:

  1. reconstruction surgeries – these deal with disorders of the abdominal wall, diastasis of the rectus abdominal muscle, hernias, etc.
  2. aesthetic procedures – after labours, often due to improper care during pregnancy or sudden weight loss, there occurs skin release, which is then flappy and sometimes sagging in waist etc

Operation procedure

Surgery of the abdomen is performed in general anaesthesia or in a block, epidural anaesthesia. Abdominoplaty lasts for 2 – 4 hours according to the severity. During the procedure, the surgeon releases skin in the abdominal wall from the base in the whole extent of the abdomen, the navel is circumcised with a scalpel and it is kept in its original site and while pulling is the excessive skin removed and it is firmly sutured. In case of spread abdominal muscles is also performed a procedure similar to a surgery of a hernia, i.e. suturing of the internal edges of rectal abdominal muscles. The navel is then seated through a cut in skin to the original level on the trunk. The patient has to count that abdominal surgery is a demanding procedure.


The patient is reviewed by the surgeon on the first to second day post-surgery. The time of hospitalisation is individual; in average it is 4- 5 days. Drains are removed after this time and the patient is discharged to home care. Bearing of special compressive girdle (panties) in the early phase is very important. Firstly, it prevents shakes of the abdomen during any body movement and thereby restricts pain. After an abdominoplasty, it is necessary after removing the stitches (usually not earlier than after 14 days) to start with pressure massage of the scars. Increased physical exertion is not recommended in the first two months after surgery. Bathing in water is not suitable either. On the contrary, shower is recommended as early as from the third day after surgery.

Photogallery before and after operation you can find here


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