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Surgery of the nose (Rhinoplasty)

Surgery of the nose does not belong to the most frequent aesthetic surgeries, but it has been considered to be one of the most difficult procedures. Surgical adjustment of the nose shape called rhinoplasty is not only an aesthetic procedure, but it improves or amends also one of the functions of this organ, which is breathing. Aesthetic and functional significance of this surgery significantly improves the mental condition of the patient and removes complexes and contributes to his/her physical and mental harmony.


Healing after plastic surgery of the nose is quite a long term process – starting with that complete stabilisation of the operated parts is achieved only after several months. You can however join the common daily activities and work immediately after removing the cast, i.e. after approximately two weeks post-surgery. As a prevention of the complications, it is good to carefully perform pressure massages of the nose, which accelerate healing. Nose has usually a nice shape as early as after one month post-surgery; there can be however occasional oedemas or redness during the subsequent months – consider this possibility mainly in winter and during a sudden change of temperature.

Operation procedure

The procedure is performed in general anaesthesia.
The actual performance of the surgery is based in releasing soft tissues, release of cartilage and bone structures and reshaping them so that the original deformity was removed. The procedure lasts for approximately 2 hours based on the extent of reshaping. Smaller procedure is only reshaping of the nasal soft tissues without any intervention to bones. Surgery is accomplished by internal tamponade and external reshaping cast or plastic splint.

Photogallery before and after operation you can find here.

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