Surgery of the lower lids

With increasing age is the skin of the lids often released and subsequently sagging and the so called fatty prolapses, i.e. pouches, develop, which consist of fatty tissue. Both these signs affect the upper as well as lower eye lids. In the lower lids, greater problem is the development of fatty pouches, which are the cause of a more tired and older face expression.

Operation procedure

Eyelids may be operated separately as well as simultaneously; they are also a part of a face-lift. Surgery is performed in local anaesthesia. The principle of the procedure is always a removal of skin folds, and also removal of fatty pouches and their hiding. The resulting scar is situated under the eyelash line. The surgery of lower lids usually lasts for 70 minutes.


Post-operation care includes application of cold heavy dressings, gel glasses and icing. Also a proper care of scars is required; in the first days after the surgery, it is appropriate to protect the eyes with sunglasses.


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