Correction of scars

In case of any impairment of skin integrity, by a surgical procedure or an injury, a scar develops, which is a result of healing processes restoring skin integrity. The resulting scar is always different by its nature from the surrounding area of intact tissue and its appearance and size depends of the type of healing reactions of the patient, on the location and course of scar and circumstances of its development and course of healing.

Scars cannot be removed, but they can be corrected so that they are less or not at all disturbing functionally and aesthetically.

Principle of the procedure

The principle is excision of the scar and possibly also the surrounding area and performance of a new suture of the skin edges and creation of ideal conditions for healing, which usually result in a better final effect. The procedure may be combined with release of subcutaneous tissue and thereby also correct various irregularities, such as retracted scars, results of suppuration in the wound or tissue excesses around the scar without any requirement for artificial substances. Correction of scars may usually be performed in local anaesthesia and thereby as an outpatient procedure. The time demand depends of the size of scar to be corrected.

After the procedure

If the scar heals, which is after 3-6 months or sometimes longer, the result is permanent. If the healed scar is pale, if it has colour similar to surrounding skin, and it is thin, then it can be considered a successful result.


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