Surgery of the ears (Otoplasty)

Prominent ears is quite a common congenital disorder, which is mainly very unpleasant in childhood, when the peers are able to give hard time to the individual child affected, but it neither rises self-confidence in adulthood. This disorder may be unilateral and combined with various shapes and sizes of ears. Auricles are very complex organs from the point of shape and construction. Otoplasty is able to resolve deviations from normal position of auricles, their size and shape. Shape deviations or deformations could be congenital as well as acquired (result of injury, previous surgery, etc.). The most frequent procedure is pulling the prominent auricle to head, perhaps with reshaping their relief or changing their size.

Operation procedure

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. Surgery is performed so the cut is made in the fold behind the auricle. The resulting scar is very discrete and it is hidden to normal sight. In the area behind the ear is initially removed the excessive skin and then is performed preparation and release of the auricle cartilage. Then is the cartilage fixed to head and skin and it is sutured with absorbable material. The surgery lasts for one hour. Compressive dressing is applied after the surgery.


In the first two days after surgery there is mild pain in auricles, pain gradually recedes and it is successfully relieved by common analgesics. Dressing remains on auricles for seven to ten days. Caution is necessary after removing the dressing. This means to protect the auricles against injury, avoidance of collective sports for one month and protecting auricles with elastic band (headband) or dressing. The wound is sufficiently strong and healed after one month.


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