Facelifting (Rhytidektomy)

With increasing age, we can see the results of earth gravity, effects of sunlight and daily stress on the human face. These effects are manifested by release and sagging of the face and neck skin with development of wrinkles. Way for rejuvenation and slowing of the aging process may be a facelift.

Operation procedure

Face-lift may be performed in general anaesthesia or in so-called analgosedation, which is a name suggesting a combination of analgesics (pain relieving substances) and sedation. Analgosedation cannot be used always, however. In every case, it is necessary to avoid food, drinks and smoking at least 6 hours before surgery. The patient must count with at least one-day hospitalization.

Surgery is based in stretching the skin on the face. During this procedure it performed a skin cut using incisions in hair from the temporal area, around and behind ear up to hair area again. These cuts are skilfully made so that signs of surgery are really very slightly visible after good healing. With this surgical access is skin released from its base, it is tightened and the excess of this skin is removed. Then it is necessary only to suture the skin back. In approximately 2 – 4 weeks after surgery also the mild swelling disappears and the patient is feeling sometimes even 10 years younger in his/her appearance. Surgery usually lasts for 3 – 4 hours; if associated with additional procedures, it can also last longer.


The whole hospitalisation lasts approximately 2 days. Therefore, on the third day post surgery the patient is discharged to home care. Hospitalisation could last longer in individual cases. The dressing of the whole head is removed usually on the fifth day post surgery and if absorbable sutures were used, their removal is performed on the seventh to tenth day post surgery. The time for recovery is usually within the range of one to two weeks. Greater physical exertion is not recommended for one month.

Photogallery before and after operation you can find here.


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