Would cost around?

Hi there, I am coming to Europe from Canada and I was wondering how possible it would be to get a beast reduction in January of 2010? Also how much it would cost around? I have currently DD breasts and would like to have B's. Thank you

Is it possible to make my nipples smaller?


the first pic is my breast now. is it possible to make my nipples smaller? my wish is, to have "perfect" breast. left breast is smaller the right breast, but they should be the same size. and the nipples should be median (central) of my breast and not so big, like the second or third picture. thanks for your answer:) i have one question again, after 6 weeks in germany the make a follow-up examination. how is it at you?

sincerely yours

Breast lift and implants

I'm interested in breast lift and implants. Please could you give me an estimate of cost. Also when would it be possible to come in for a consultation and maybe surgery? Could you tell me what the price doesn't include. Thankyou


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