Breast enlargement (augmentation)

Operation procedure

The surgery itself lasts about two hours and it is performed in general or epidural anaesthesia. The choice of surgical approach for introduction of implants is based on the agreement of the surgeon with the patient. There are basically three surgical approaches:

  1. from the armpit
  2. around the areola
  3. in the submammary groove

The patient remains hospitalised in the clinic for 1 to 2 days after the surgery. Drains are removed after this time during a change of dressing and the patient is discharged to home care.


Since the wound is closed with absorbable sutures, it is not necessary to remove them. The patient should rest for 10 days and keep a regimen without any physical exertion – especially avoiding lifting things and rest sufficiently. The patient may join the daily routines in case of uncomplicated course as early as from the second week post-surgery.

Photogallery before and after operation you can find here.

We work with Sebbin implants

At the POLMEDICANA clinic, we are working with breast implants from the French manufacturer Sebbin. These are silicone implants with a very high quality. They are relatively new on the Czech market, However, MUDr. Libor Polák has the best experience with it at the Austrian clinic.

Sebbin Silicone Implants have all the certificates and guarantees. That's why we believe you'll be happy with them. The high standard of these implants is in manual manufacture. This includes very careful control and complete safety. Together, you can decide the size and shape of the implant so that it suits you 100%.


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