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Tip rhinoplasty

Dear Sir/ Madam, Greetings. I am interested in a tip rhinoplasty. I would like my nose to be made narrower at the nostrils/ wings with a slight lift at the nostril side walls. Kindly provide the total cost and details for this surgery, including the number of days required to stay in Prague as I would need to take leave from work. I appreciate your kind attention & look forward to your reply. Best regards

Plastic surgery in nose

Hello Dr Polak:
We spoke for some minutes ago. I had a plastic surgery in my nose for around 10 years ago like i told you and i never get happy with it . I find my nose too small and the structure is quite ugly for me. Here is a lot of pics so you can get a idea about what i want or need as patient. i would like to have a more bigger nose and maybe more european nose. I would be happy to know the price too and if i can expect something positive with a new operation. Regards..